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Who's Emy Cyrus?

Posted By EmyHopeCyrus on Jan 17, 2011 at 11:21AM

Emma (Emy) Hope Marie Cyrus is a normal 17 Year old teenager, who happens to have a FAMOUS family. Yes if you haven't guessed already by her last name, she is related to Miley Ray Cyrus and Mileys family. The blonde (Beach Goddess) As Mason Granville calls her (Emma's ex boyfriend) was born on the 19th Febuary 1993, just a few months after miley was born. Emma's Mom is called Angie Curtis (Nee Cyrus) Who is William Ray Cyrus' (Billy) sister!!  Emma's dad however has passed away, when he got hit by a car, walking Emma and Mason to Mason's house. The driver was named Jacob Vaintellage. Jacob died in jail after suffering a stroke.


In case you haven't noticed but in the background of popular Disney Hit Shows Emma has either worked in them or acted as an extra. For instance Wizards of Waverly place. More information On Emy Cyrus later

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